About Honey Silvas


My name is Honey Silvas and I am a web developer and IT consultant. In college, I studied Film and Audio-Visual Communication as well as Computer Programming.

Web Development and Internet Marketing

If you have any issues or problems with your WordPress site or blog, I answer questions for free at ZenAnswer.

I also provide paid private consultations,  whether you need step-by-step coaching or you just want me to fix it for you. I provide support and training for WordPress blogs and websites (hosted at WordPress.com as well as self-hosted WordPress.org sites).

I’ve helped people with all sorts of problems, from WordPress installation, custom design with HTML and CSS, setting up forms, theme customization, plugin configuration, website hosting, domain name issues, integrating 3rd party applications, troubleshooting bugs and more.

I also create custom websites for businesses and non-profit organizations with an emphasis on usability and internet marketing.  My websites are responsive, SEO-friendly and mobile-ready.   You can check out my website at www.SilverHoneyMedia.com.


Check out some of the projects I’m working on:

  • ZenAnswer, a smart question and answer forum for all your questions about websites.
  • Zendey, flashcard web and mobile apps for kids.  Now available on the Google Play Store, Nook and Amazon.  Coming soon to the Apple Store.

Photography and Videography

I have worked as a cruise ship photographer and have traveled all over Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and various parts of America.  

After that, I started a photo and video company doing mostly weddings, portraits and events.  You can view my photography and videography here.

Project Life

I am fairly new to Project Life and memory keeping, but I have a lot of experience in photography and digital album design.

I discovered Project Life when I was looking for a memory book for my baby.   None of the “traditional” memory books appealed to me for one reason or the other.  I was looking for something very specific.  When I found out about Project Life, it met all the criteria that I was looking for and even surpassed my expectations.  I fell in love with the look and feel of it.  I love the the process and how you can make it as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

My Life

I live in sunny Sarasota, Florida with my husband Brian, my German Shepherd/Labrador mix dog Shutter and my lovely baby girl.




11 thoughts on “About Honey Silvas

  1. faycrisanto says:

    Thank you for following my blog.I hope I can point you towards books and movies that you will enjoy.


  2. Honey says:

    You’re welcome! I love watching TV and movies and books and I like reading other people’s impressions on them, too. Good job on the site.


  3. Andrea says:

    Your life sounds so interesting and you’re so smart, you can do anything and everything! 🙂


  4. likestowrite says:

    I have just become a blogger myself. (why does that sound like some kind of ‘my name is Geoff, and I am an alcoholic’ confession? ha ha!) and I stumbled across your blog.
    I was fascinated straight away, as I was drawn by how creative you seem, so I am your newest follower!
    As you can see from my page, I have no idea yet how to make my blog appeal, either visually or in content, as I am just ermptying my head of a lot of clutter, which is why I decided to start a blog. I hope my blogging ‘journey’ grows in these elements, as I want to try and relay my zest and enthusiasm in my writing, as time goes on.
    I very much look forward to reading your blog and new posts, and if first impressions are anything to go by (they always are, aren’t they..?) then I will be a big fan!

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family,



    • Honey Silvas says:

      Thanks for following!

      I’m still just learning. From what I heard (which is an advice I need to follow myself), it’s best to blog regularly (whether once a week or daily or however you can manage) because that is how you improve.

      If you’re interested in improving, I suggest joining the free class Blogging 101 which starts this Monday. I am also taking the class and they give actionable assignments and they go over everything from the visual aspect of the blog to the content.

      Registration is here:


  5. Ferdi says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for following my blog :-). It is humbling to see a multi-talented person (you, naturally) taking time out to read my attempt at blogging!

    Illness, and cancer specifically, need not be something we fear to the extent that it takes away the manner in which we strive to live our lives with those we love the most…

    Kind regards,


  6. Thanks for the follow, Honey! Am following you back 🙂


  7. I have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award, If you would like to participate please see this post: http://onehundredtwentythreedays.com/2014/10/08/day-38-all-about-the-lovely/ Happy blogging!


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