How to Set the Featured Content in’s Chronicle Theme

If you’ve seen the Chronicle theme demo, you might be wondering how to display the 4 horizontal images on the banner, the one that says “Raspberries on a Ledge”, “Bicycles in London”, “Making Cheese on a Summers Morn” and “A Temple in Bali”.

Those posts are marked as Featured Content, and are displayed prominently in the home page.

Here’s how to set the Featured Content in’s Chronicle Theme.

1) Create the posts you want to appear as the Featured Content.

2) Add a tag you want to use for the Featured Content (for example: “banner”) as the tag for that post.
You can use any word that you like as long as it’s unique and not used anywhere else.

Here’s how to add tags to your posts:

3) Add a featured images to your post.
To set the featured image, go edit your post, then on the right-hand side, the bottom box is Featured Image, then click Set Featured Image.

4)  Go to Appearance > Customize > Featured Content, then where it says Tag Name, write the tag you used.
For example, “banner” (without the quotation marks).

Learn more about how to customize the Chronicle theme here:

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