How to Change Font Color in’s Chateau Theme Without the Custom Design Upgrade

The default background color of the Chateau theme is white, and the font color of the text is black.


If you change the background color of Chateau theme to a dark one, it can sometimes be hard to read the text if the default font color is also dark.


Here’s how to change the font color in’s Chateau theme without the Custom Design Upgrade. No need to mess with CSS!

Open your Dashboard by clicking WP Admin.  Then go to Appearance > Theme Options.


In Color Scheme, choose Dark. This should change your font colors to bright to complement a darker background.



You can also select a custom accent color. Next to Accent Color, click the Select a Color button.


Click the Save Options button to save your changes.


Learn more about how to customize the Chateau theme here:

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12 thoughts on “How to Change Font Color in’s Chateau Theme Without the Custom Design Upgrade

  1. Tisha Tran says:

    You’re very helpful! Thanks for all your tips 🙂 I just realized that my stickies on my main menu page is exactly what I like BUT the posts that are stickies do not show up in their categories 😦 is there any way around this?


  2. celosiamae says:

    Thanks for the photos. With the pictures I had a clue on how to find the “Appearance” tab but your post doesn’t say to look under WP Admin. As a new user, that took awhile. Your post is helpful but maybe for the beginner like me, you might edit to include that in the early part of your post.


  3. sumangovil says:

    I have started a personal blog, i really loved your themes. Since I have been doing bit of constructing and arranging the blog in a manner. In my menu bar, appearance is not coming, where i can change my layout to multiple layout.Can you please guide me ??


  4. Tucson Blonde says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve used my Chateau designed blog… this post was really helpful–saved me a LOT of time and refreshed my memory on where to find features in WP! THANKS!


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