Create. Love. Live.

Donald Trump almost named his building Tiffany Tower after the famous jewelry store, but then he decided to name Trump Tower after himself. He thought it was important to put his own name and brand on the property he was building.

I decided to name my website simply after my own name to reflect my brand (brand of what, I don’t know). I’ve blogged before under different names (like businesses or pseudonyms) but now I just want to blog as me: Honey Silvas.

The tagline for my site is “Create. Love. Live.” because I love creating, whether it’s photo, video, a website, an app or anything. I think it is really important these days to not just be a consumer of technology, but also be an active creator.


This is the logo for my site. I had retooled a logo for an old business (Silvas Films) that one of my friends (@iamjopay) had made for me.

I love the logo so I just changed the colors from blue to pink and reused it. The letters in the center are actually “sf” for Silvas Films, but it can also read as an “H” for Honey so I am just going with it. The logo is the shape of a honeycomb after the Honey in my name and the swish at the top is kinda like a bee antenna. When I told Jopay about the concept of my logo, she really captured the essence that I wanted so I am glad to be able to use this logo (forever!).

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7 thoughts on “Create. Love. Live.

  1. masamanda says:

    I love what you’ve done. Not many people are aware that they can be their own brand, and in fact in the digital age of facebook and other social media profiles we are creating our own brand everyday. I like this new layout and logo. It looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into it 🙂


  2. Honey Silvas says:

    Yes, absolutely, we are our own brand! I am still trying to figure out how to accomplish that and still trying to find my voice but I love how you put it. Thanks!


  3. FarmerFi says:

    Great logo 🙂 It’s awesome to be able to use something made just for you by a friend!


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