Project Life Baby Mini Album: Front Cover

This is the cover of the brag book I made for my baby girl using Project Life Mini Album and Project Life Kit Baby Edition for Her.  

I made three of these Project Life mini albums as gifts to the grandparents. I am working on a bigger Project Life baby album for myself but now I wish I had also made another small brag book for me.  (I still might one of these days.)

I used the Project Life Ivory Mini Album because it was on sale at $11.99 on Amazon at that time. I originally wanted to get a pinkety pink one but since I had to buy 3 of them, I chose the least expensive color which was white at that time. Looking back though, I am glad I went with the white because it looks more classic and it matches photos better.

Front Cover

This is the cover of the Project Life mini album.


I printed one of my favorite photos as a 3 x 4 horizontal and slipped it into the window of the cover.


I chose a portrait of her taken when she was 1 day old by the hospital photographer.   She has a little bit of bruising on her arm from childbirth but it’s okay.

She’s on her tummy sleeping and she has a blue floral headpiece around her head.

You can get the Project Life Ivory Mini Album and Project Life by Becky Higgins Core Kit – Baby Edition for Her here.

Show and Tell Time

Do you have a photo of the cover of your Project Life baby mini album? Please add your link to the comments section below.

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