Wedding Video: Jessica + Chase

Here is the highlights video from Jessica & Chase’s wedding at The Garden at Senate Canal in Columbia, South Carolina.

Bridal Preparation Location : The Hilton, Columbia, SC
Wedding Ceremony Venue: The Garden @ Canal & Senate
Wedding Reception Venue: The Hall @ Canal & Senate
Florist : Flowers by Starks
Wedding Band : The Unmentionables
Wedding Gown : The Glass Carriage
Makeup / Hair : Sarah Shelly
Photo & Video by Honey & Brian Silvas


9 thoughts on “Wedding Video: Jessica + Chase

  1. Jessica Williams says:

    This is amazing! I cant quit watching it!


  2. Jessica McNally says:

    I just cried all over again! Can’t wait to hear about the honeymoon… already saw that you rode a camel?! Haha. Love you, Mrs. Williams!!


  3. Jenny Long says:

    Oh Jess that is so beautiful! It made me cry too but out of sheer happiness for you and the wonderful family you have. We had a great time.


  4. Kathy Cassidy says:

    This is unbelievable…It allows you to relive last week over and over. I will probably watch several more times today.


  5. Jacqueline Lynch Volz says:

    OMG Jessie! I just watched this and cried my eyes out! Love you!


  6. MaryMac Williams says:

    I cried too. That is awesome!!


  7. Doreen Palmieri Cassidy says:

    How beautiful it was to get to know Chase’s family and re-live the most touching times of a wonderful moment. Great video. We love you guys and wish you all the happiness two people can possibly have!


  8. Stephanie Paccione says:

    OMG…. I watched it twice, Rocco joined me both times and stared at me because I was crying… what a great video and I had an amazing time with you and your family xoxo..


  9. Sherien Kharouba says:

    congratulations to you both. Looks like it was a lovely celebration of love. May you both live a long and happy life together. xo


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